Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (PlayStation 4)

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It's like Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, with the added option to play as the four boss characters, as well as mirror matches.
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Log entries

  • [10405]
    I had 15 minutes before leaving for work, and played a few rounds of SFII:CE. I saved the state, so I should be able to resume it.
  • 2020-02-16
  • [10412]
    I'm slowly working my way through the single-player with Guile, but it's very difficult. The mirror match against Guile was particularly tough.
  • 2020-02-20
  • [10436]
    Completed the game with Guile on 4/8 difficulty using 70 continues. 70 continues is pretty ridiculous. Either this game is unfairly difficult, or I'm complete garbage with Guile.


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