Pullblox World (WiiU)

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Also known as Pushmo in the US, the first game in this block puzzle series came out for the 3DS in 2011. It is developed by Intelligent Systems, who also made the Advance Wars series and the Panel de Pon games (Tetris Attack).
Pullblox World

Log entries

  • [4081]
    I have a hangover after the Press Play party yesterday, so a nice slow puzzle game for my WiiU seems like just the ticket.
  • 2014-06-22
  • [4089]
    Completed 30 puzzles. That baby was tricky.
  • [4090]
    Completed 57 puzzles. The Tropical Fish is giving me some trouble. Maybe some sleep is in order...
  • 2014-07-06
  • [4115]
    Completed the first 60 puzzles. Did the Fish and the Shark.


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