Soulcalibur IV (Xbox 360)

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            Series : Soul
         Developer : Project Soul
             Genre : Fighting games

      Achievements :

OK, so after playing Street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur IV is ridiculously easy! I completed Story Mode 15 minutes after i started it, Arcade Mode a few minutes later, and Story Mode on Hard Difficulty wasn't much of a challenge. However, the core fighting in Soul Calibur is still as great as ever. It is without comparison the best weapon-based fighter, the controls are tight, and the range of moves, characters, and equipment is huge. ... And if you want an actual challenge, you should try the Tower of Lost Souls. It gets pretty hard and there are a lot of levels. This game is just outright silly at times. I created a fighter, a lovely red-haired Raphael-style girl with a green dress, aptly named 'Hottie'. It seems that the armour-destruction also applies to regular clothes, so amidst a fight, her dress will disintegrate and she will be fighting in her undies. She looks cute and all, but it is a bit ridiculous. :) This game features Yoda as a guest character.
Soul Calibur IV - get your Yoda on!

Log entries

  • [45]
    completed the game with Raphael on Normal difficulty (Story Mode). OK, this has got to be the easiest story mode ever. I completed it within 15 minutes after I started the game. I never lost a match, and the opponents hardly ever landed a hit. I've never appreciated the existence of a Hard mode more... By the way, I really like that Raphael apparently has become a all-out villain. Good man.
  • [46]
    completed the game (Arcade Mode). Defeated a guy called Algol. Didn't know his last name; probably either '58', '60', or '68' (programmer joke).
  • [47]
    completed the game with Yoda on Hard difficulty (Story Mode). Dammit, this game is too easy! The 'Hard' difficulty is easier than the easiest difficulty in Street Fighter IV. That's just wrong.
  • 2009-05-28
  • [48]
    300 Microsoft Points for unlocking Darth Vader? No freaking way.
  • 2009-06-02
  • [49]
    completed the game on Hard difficulty (Story Mode). with all characters.
  • 2014-12-05
  • [4809]
    It was fun coming back to this game after 5 years. I played it at work with my colleagues, who also seemed to like it.


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