Barbarian (Amiga)

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Not to be confused with Palace Software's 'Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior', this was one of Psygnosis' earliest games on the Amiga. It had decent graphics and animation, but the button-clicking gameplay and horrible frame rate made for an almost unplayable game. The game did have some Very cool cover art, 'Red Dragon' by Roger Dean.

Log entries

  • [4230]
    I discovered this game after playing Obliterator, and wasn't impressed. The game was very similar to Obliterator, but controlled even worse.
  • 2016-09-20
  • [6956]
    This is a horrible, almost unplayable game. The very concept of a point-and-click action adventure seems like the worst idea. The frame rate seems to be around 3 FPS, varying with the number of animated objects on screen.
  • [6957]
    I guess you could play with F1-F10 and the arrow keys.
  • [6958]
  • [6960]
    I found a map.
  • 2018-11-06
  • [9269]
    The rip of this game I downloaded has a cracktro with a scrolling text, good for testing PAL vsync. I'm testing running FS-UAE in 100 Hz on my BenQ monitor, but according to Frode Solheim, the author of FS-UAE, the emulator doesn't support 100Hz sync (this post is from 2014, but I couldn't find any newer information about this). I'm looking into using PowerStrip, which may be able to force my monitor to use 50Hz instead.
  • [9270]
    I gave up on PowerStrip, which is maybe also going a bit far. I think I tried every combination of FS-UAE options, running in 100 Hz mode (with no other monitors attached), fullscreen and windowed, different vsync methods. Nothing works, and all modes seem to have the same kind of problems.
  • [9271]
    I also tried both FS-UAE 2.8.3 and 2.9.5dev3.
  • [9272]
    Maybe that GSync/FreeSync stuff would help? It sounds like it could.
  • [9273]
    When running with --ntsc_mode=1 --vsync=1 in 60 Hz, everything works perfectly. I guess FS-UAE just doesn't PAL games running on a 100 Hz monitor yet.


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