The King of Fighters 2003 (Neo Geo)

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Power Dunk!!!


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    In this game, you have the ability to tag out with your teammates.
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    In the Japanese MVS version, Mai's boobs jiggle, not in the US and European versions.
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    Terry Bogard has the wrong jacket, no cap, and no Rising Tackle in this game.

Log entries

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    Completed the game on 1/8 (Beginner) difficulty. Completed with the ubiquitous Terry Bogard, K', and Ralf Jones (he wasn't much use, I didn't know any moves with him). I fought Adel in the end, and the end sequence is a bit disappointing - it obviously seems like the 'bad' ending. It seems you have to defeat Kusanagi with the finishing move being a Desperation Move, a Leader Desperation Move, or the first hit of a Tag Attack, to get the real ending.
  • 2009-12-14
  • 443 
    Completed the game with Terry, Yuri, and Gato on 1/8 (Beginner) difficulty.
  • 2022-06-11
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    Completed the game with Terry, Mai, Athena on (1/8) difficulty. This game has a very reasonable difficulty.

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