Badlands (Arcade)

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            Series : Sprint
         Developer : Atari
             Genre : Racing games
            Themes : Post-apocalypse
        Other Tags : Tiny cars

This track has some particularly sweet graphics


Scores - MAME:
 10080 ...........  on 2022-11-09

Log entries

  • 4336 
    Played a Badlands arcade machine at Chassis Arcade. I never got used to playing a top-down racer with a steering wheel and a pedal, but the game is cool. Like a post-apocalyptic Super Sprint.
  • 2014-08-17
  • 4337 
    'INSERT COIN TO BUY 9 WRENCHES' - one of the earlist pay-to-play schemes I've seen.
  • 4338 
    The tracks are rendered in beautiful detail, and are even interactive: you can drive into gas stations, making them explode, automated turrets shoot at your vehicle, and you can even topple a water tower, spilling water onto the track, slowing down your opponents.
  • 4339 
    Completed the game using 4 continues (all tracks). I've used 4 continues to race on every track backwards and forwards on MAME. I guess the game just loops from now on.
  • 4340 
    The intro text mentions 'The sport of Sprint racing'. This is clearly a sequel to Super Sprint.
  • 2022-11-09
  • 13696 
    Got the score 10080 in MAME.

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