Ridge Racer Type 4

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Ridge Racer Type 4

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  • 4383
    Fast, slick arcade racer with fake cars. I didn't play it a lot, and mostly remember the intro sequence with Reiko getting into the car.
  • 2017-01-01
  • 7359
    I completed the 'Real Racing Roots '99' championship.
  • 7360
    'Giuliano, will you forgive me if I have a dream again?'... What is this game?
  • 7361
    End credits? I wasn't expecting that. I love the 'Ridge Racer' house song.
  • 7362
    The music in this game has a really cool, smooth style, a bit too smooth for me, but I respect the very focused aesthetic.
  • 7363
    completed the game (Grand Prix). That is an extremely short career mode.
  • 7364
    Ridge Racer Type 4 retains the at this point 16-year-old tradition of putting Pac-Man and Dig Dug commercials in their racing games. The earliest example of that was Pole Position (1982).


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