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Legend of Grimrock

Log entries

  • [4417]
    After playing though most of Eye of the Beholder, I remembered that there was a modern game of this type for Windows, Legend of Grimrock. I was pondering to buy it yesterday, and today I got a Humble Bundle offering for a bunch of games, including Legend of Grimrock, at 7 USD. Weird.
  • 2014-08-30
  • [4430]
    Completed level 1/13. This is very enjoyable, it really feels like a modern Eye of the Beholder, but the atmospheric lighting and the map makes a huge difference in playability.
  • [4431]
    I just died at the hands of three Undead Soldiers. I didn't quicksave, so I just started back at the beginning of the level. Must remember to quicksave.
  • [4434]
    My party consists of Fightor the Human Fighter, MinoDworf the Minotaur Fighter, Incineron the Insectoid Mage, and Priesty the Human Mage (but I'm gonna try to go for Cleric-like spells).
  • [4436]
    Completed level 2/13.
  • [4442]
    Argh, an earthquake! This game pays a lot of attention to atmosphere.
  • [4443]
    Giant Spider! Now I'm poisoned ... I wonder if it goes away or I have to cure it?
  • [4444]
    Doesn't seem like it... Luckily I have enough of the ingredients to make potions ... for now.
  • [4445]
    Books modify character stats upon reading.
  • [4446]
    The crystal thingies cure poisonings. Good to know.
  • 2014-08-31
  • [4447]
    Completed level 3/13.
  • 2015-07-24
  • [5593]
    I finally got past a teleport puzzle that had blocked my progress for a year, but the rest of the level is also very puzzle-heavy. I don't know if I'm really a fan of all the dungeon puzzles.
  • [5594]
    Oh, I guess I have to put four scrolls into their place in the central room.
  • [5595]
    Argh, I retrieved the final scroll, placed it in its proper place, only to be overwhelmed and brutally murdered by hordes of horrible Scavengers.
  • [5596]
    Oho, it seems Crystals of Life recharge after some time. So I can safely exploit them.
  • [5597]
    Completed level 4/13.
  • [5598]
    Wyverns are messing me up a lot. Their attacks are electrical, so maybe a Shock Shield spell would be usefull. Unfortunately, that spell is level 22 and I can't cast it yet.
  • [5599]
    Yes, I solved the Dragon puzzle on level 5: 'The Gate of Iron shall open if you take your time and rest in the place where the dragons gaze'.
  • [5600]
    I dropped a lot of stuff I don't need at the exit of level 5.
  • [5601]
    Completed level 5/13.
  • [5602]
    Oh "great", level 6 has trap puzzles where you need to move super quick to avoid falling into pits. That is *never* fun.
  • 2015-07-25
  • [5603]
    Completed level 6/13.
  • [5604]
    Completed level 7/13.
  • [5605]
    Got the Dungeon Hero achievement. - I played the Grimrock version of Guitar Hero by blocking a bunch of white orbs coming from 3 lanes in quick succession.
  • [5606]
    Level 8 was immediately inpenetrable, but provided access to level 9, which I have all but explored by now. My Minotaur warrior, MinoDworf, now uses Heavy Armor, and Incineron, my Pyromancer, is getting really good at throwing fireballs.
  • 2016-08-28
  • [6886]
    OK, level 8, you're going down tonight! I got through the annoying tunnel of lightning bolts, killed some fire elementals and giant spiders, and reached what could be the end. I found a secret area with an awesome sword, that I swapped with a skull, Indiana Jones-style. The trap won't know the difference.
  • [6887]
    Oops, needed that skull for the item puzzle on level 9. I went back and replaced it with a rock.
  • [6888]
    Item puzzle solution was Skull, Rock, Arrow, and a key. You can reclaim the items when the door is opened.
  • [6889]
    Man, it feels good when you defeat an Ogre.
  • [6890]
    Completed level 8 and level 9/13.
  • 2016-08-29
  • [6891]
    Completed level 10/13 - those Mindflayer dudes are great - initially they were extremely frightening, especially because they start out with a shield that reduce your damage to 0. However, the shield can be worn down, and they can certainly be killed. And they yield 1000 XP, which is always welcome.
  • 2019-08-19
  • [9943]
    On my way to Gamescom in Cologne, after giving up getting the Van Helsing game to run on the company Dell 2-in-1 laptop, I had to give up getting this game to play fullscreen. These older games don't play well on 4K screens, I guess.


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