Shadow Complex (Xbox 360)

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Shadow Complex

Log entries

  • [313]
    Starting this modern take on the Metroid/Castlevania genre for the first time. Had a boss fight with a giant Ghost in the Shell-inspired robot.
  • 2009-09-10
  • [331]
    completed the game and got the score: 4411459. Completed the campaign. The ending was totally uninteresting and disappointing in comparison to the general coolness of the game. I got almost all the items, but I decided that the explosion was not the end of the game. Actually, it was. So I only got 77 percent of the items. But on the plus side, I got 1290 kills :). The campaign took me 9:21:00 to complete.
  • [332]
    Fortunately, it turns out that I can 'Continue' the campaign, meaning that I can reload the old savegame, and continue playing, and then defeat the end boss once more when I'm done. Nice feature for us completionists.
  • 2009-09-11
  • [333]
    Got the Completionist achievement. - OK, got 100 percent items. Wasn't hard after I got the Map Reveal. Got a sweet golden gun and the Fusion Helmet. It seems my score was 'gold star' material. The final time was 13:16:11.


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