Rayxanber III (PC Engine)

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Stage 2 boss, awesome looking fish-submarine thing

Log entries

  • [4493]
    This game looks amazing on screenshots, and seems highly regarded. Also, it looks a bit like R-Type.
  • [4494]
    After some configuration frustration, I figured out a few important facts about the mednafen emulator:
    • You configure controls by pressing alt-shift-1 (I usually remap those in Windows to switch keyboard layout, which confused me a lot),
    • it needs fully expanded paths on the command-line,
    • Error messages only go in a file 'stdout.txt' next to the executable.
  • [4495]
    Argh, the shrillness of the sound! I'm going deaf if I want to hear the music. Luckily, there is a config setting:
    pce.cdpsgvolume 100
    , which adjusts the non-CD audio when playing a CD game.
  • [4496]
    A volume of 10 seems reasonable.
  • [4497]
  • [4498]
    The dash mechanic is excellent - when you need to get out of a sticky situation, you hold in a direction and press button I. Then ship dashes super fast in that direction. More games should have that.
  • [4499]
    In the first level, you are defending big carrier ships from attacking bio weapons. A certain type of enemy fly towards the carriers, and if they are not destroyed, they will attach themselves to the hull and start shooting like turrets. That's a really cool idea.
  • [4501]
  • [4502]
    Another mednafen config tip:
    pce.stretch aspect
    pce.special nn2x
    enables crisp pixel scaling, if you're into that sort of thing.
  • [4503]
    After 'breaking' Stage 2, Stage 3 shows another neat trick: a top-down perspective into a deep chasm. Gameplay is unchanged, the sprites are just top-down.
  • [4504]
    The soundtrack is pretty cheesy...
  • 2016-06-19
  • [6626]
    STAGE 3 BROKEN! Important fact about the climbing boss: its legs doesn't have collision on it, allowing you to pass through them and attack the power core or whatever using a backwards red weapon. The upwards red power-up was useful against the final boss. In the first phase, I could just stay directly below its lower front part, attacking it with the red weapon, and move up whenever the green shots get close. The second phase is just a constant attack and dodge.
  • 2020-08-12
  • [11048]
    I played a little bit of this on the MiSTer. The soundtrack is pretty awesome.


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