Banshee (Amiga)

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This late Amiga game was a cool and technically impressive vertical shooter in the vein of Capcom's 1943 series. Although the game had a Core Design logo on it, the game was made by two danish demo guys: Søren Hannibal (who later worked on Messiah, Enter the Matrix, and Front Mission Evolved) and Jacob Andersen (IO Interactive co-founder and Hitman artist). Music by Martin Iveson, a.o.

Log entries

  • [4523]
    I had this game installed on my A1200, and was impressed by the graphics and smooth gameplay.
  • 2014-09-14
  • [4524]
    I just noticed that the graphical style of Banshee is similar to that of Chaos Engine. I wonder if Jacob Andersen was influenced by one of my favorite Amiga artists, Dan Malone?


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