Alien: Isolation (PlayStation 4)

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Good evening sir. Nice night for a stroll, is it not?

Log entries

  • [4706]
    Martin A and I played through the first part of this game on his PS4. I had a lot of trouble with the four dangerous people you meet early on. I ended up pummeling them all to death with my wrench, Half-Life-style. After that we met the Alien, a horrifying encounter, especially due to the fantastic musical accompaniment.
  • 2014-10-31
  • [4707]
    The game has 18 missions.
  • [4708]
    Hmm... Savegame from playing at Martin's was not in the cloud. So I have to start over. Damn it.
  • [4709]
    Completed 2/18 missions. I've played all of this before, so I'm just mechanically walking through the environment without really getting into the atmosphere.
  • 2014-11-01
  • [4716]
    Completed 3/18 missions.
  • [4717]
    Completed 5/18 missions. I had a very tense encounter with The Alien in the medical area. I ended up hiding under a table while the horrible thing slowly wandered around the room. And I survived. Amazing, a game where it works to play as a total wuss!
  • [4718]
    Damn, this game has some dynamic moments! I have been trying to get from one floor of the medical facility to another, in a very confined space with a very hungry Alien. I spend a lot of time standing in a closet with my motion tracker in front of me, praying for the damned thing to go away. It has spotted me several times in the closet, from me leaning to far forward, or not being able to hold my breath. On my last attempt, I did everything perfectly, got in to the doctor's office and looked at a log, went out into the hallway, where the Alien suddenly appeared to my right! Unable to hide, I started moving, and a great burst of fire blazed from a wall just in front of me. I turned around and ran, hoping that the monster had been stopped momentarily by the fire. As it turned out, it had also turned around, and shortly after, we had a short, fatal meeting in the hallway...
  • [4719]
    This game is very enjoyable, despite its very punishing nature. It is very close to the Alien game I wished for as a kid.
  • 2015-03-01
  • [5121]
    I'm watching Jauert play through the first part, while recovering from my deadly hangover / man flu combo.
  • [5127]
    Thomas is systematically trying to kill off Working Joes with headshots. Interesting approach, but he's not having much luck with it.
  • 2016-10-19
  • [7077]
    I completed that tricky mission 6 with Joakim and Johanne watching. The next area was difficult in a new way, because I had to pass an area guarded by 3 dudes with guns with the Alien chasing me. I ended up accidentally solving it by trying to throw a flare at the dudes, failing because apparently flares are not for throwing, having them see me and attack me, followed by the Alien promptly murdering all three of them, allowing me access to walk straight out the exit.
  • 2017-03-19
  • [7584]
    Warming up for Alien: Covenant, I've watched the 4 Alien movies and Prometheus with Anders. I feel like this game is an important part of the franchise, and I want to complete it. I played through missions 7-9, including the LV-426 sequence with the derelict ship. Cool to see the Moebius space suits in action, even though the graphics of that sequence aren't that great.


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