SimCity 3000 Unlimited (Windows)

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            Series : SimCity
         Developer : Maxis
             Genre : Construction
          Graphics : Isometric graphics

not completed.
SimCity 3000 Unlimited

Log entries

  • [4710]
    I got a sudden urge to play an isometric simulation of some sort, and wanted to try the sequel to the great SimCity 2000. However, I feel it is a bit disappointing; I don't like the graphics as much, and the gameplay seems largely unchanged.
  • 2014-11-01
  • [4711]
    Lille Fjerritslev has grown to a population of 25,000. Although the city is extremely low on funds, it is definitely high on pollution.
  • [4712]
    Although the individual buildings are not as well rendered as those in SC2000, the diversity of them has a certain appeal.


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