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Shovel Knight Well that's just adorable
Shovel Knight

Log entries

  • [4969]
    I really wanted to try this, and today it was On sale for 75 DKK, so I got it.
  • 2015-01-11
  • [4993]
    Completed the first level and entered the town. This game has great style, it's cute and looks more or less like a NES game, except for the screen resolution. The music of Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae (who is the original Mega Man composer) is energetic and fun, and apparently the sound is 100% authentic, as it can be played on a real NES - according to Kaufmans website.
  • 2016-04-26
  • [6470]
    I haven't played this game for a year, but I have listened to the soundtrack many times, and it has come to be among my very favourite 8-bit soundtracks of all time. Memorable themes accompanied by incredibly detailed orchestrations.
  • [6471]
    The Lich Yard has a great look and some neat mechanics (weighted platforms, silhouettes).
  • [6472]
    Completed The Lich Yard.
  • 2016-10-28
  • [7145]
    I completed the Explodatorium, leveled up a bit and got some ichor from the Troupple King.
  • 2016-10-29
  • [7146]
    I defeated the Treasure Knight in the Iron Whale. Very difficult and a bit annoying level to traverse, pretty easy boss fight.
  • 2016-11-01
  • [7155]
    I got through the Clockwork Tower and defeated the cute Tinker Knight. The platforming in tower was a frustration-filled experience. I played with my Pro Controller on my TV, very enjoyable.
  • 2018-10-02
  • [9158]
    I've put my WiiU next to my bed, and tried playing a little Shovel Knight. I completely forgot how far I got in this game, completing it seems very doable. I went to the hat store and gave all my money away, and then fought a surprise boss battle with a hat guy and got my money back. I feel like I'm pretty much invincible now, with the amount of health I have.
  • 2018-10-04
  • [9160]
    I completed Frigid Flight, the ice level. The boss was easy in my leveled up state.
  • 2018-10-05
  • [9161]
    I replayed the first level to get money to buy Mobile Gear from Chester. Mobile Gear sounds like a small personal Metal Gear variant.


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