Duck Hunt (NES)

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         Developer : Nintendo
             Genre : Lightgun shooter
          Graphics : Cartoony 2D Art

      Achievements :

not completed.
Many innocent ducks lost their lives


Scores - Game A (MiSTer):
 573800 ..........  on 2022-03-21

Log entries

  • 5073 
    Even though I was so happy to get an NES from Jeppe and Peter, the timing issues with the PAL NES has bothered me enough to buy a NTSC one to replace it. I bought a refurbished one from Lukie Games including Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, two controllers, and the Zapper. The whole thing was 180 USD (1174 DKK).
  • 2015-02-24
  • 5101 
    I already got my US NES in the mail, only 8 days after ordering. And it works! And as I expected, the Zapper doesn't work on my stupid laggy LCD TV. I'll have to try it on a CRT at some point...
  • 2015-02-28
  • 5123 
    I connected my NES to Jeppe's old TV in my bedroom, and tried my luck at some Duck Hunt. I hadn't played it before, and was surprised that GAME A felt a bit too easy.
  • 2019-04-19
  • 9620 
    Malu always wanted to play Duck Hunt as a kid, so I set up my new NES in the bedroom with the old TV. The NTSC NES shows up in black and white on the TV, but it's the best I could do.
  • 2022-03-21
  • 12850 
    I figured out to use a Wiimote as a NES Zapper! I set up an old Wii connected to the sensor power to provide it power, connected the wiimote to the MiSTer via Bluetooth, set up a peripheral as Zapper(Joy1) and the Zapper Trigger as 'Joystick', configured the Zapper button in the button configuration, and now I can shoot ducks with a Wiimote.
  • 12851 
    Got the score 573800 in Game A (MiSTer). This mode is too easy, GAME B is probably more fun.
  • 12852 
    Malu and I played a bunch of GAME B with two ducks (which is the best mode), and the skeet shooting.
  • 2022-03-25
  • 12862 
    I bought a cheap 'Infrared Ray Inductor' to replace my Wii and its sensor bar. Like the Nintendo sensor bar, it's just a couple of battery-powered infrared lights. I verified the infrared lights being on with my phone camera, and I played a bit of Duck Hunt, and it seems to work perfectly.

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