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  • 5226
    I've been excited to play this metroidy looking game since I first saw a couple of screenshots.
  • 5227
    Got the hacking beam. Game changer.
  • 5228
    I beat Uruku, the larva boss. What a super boring boss fight.
  • 5229
    The style of graphics in the overworld of KUR reminds me of the Turrican games. That's not a bad thing.
  • 5230
    Another boring boss fight. The scorpion dude. Also, the KUR music is *really* starting to get on my nerves.
  • 2015-04-03
  • 5232
    I found *a lot* of upgrades by rummaging around previously visited areas. I'm enjoying the game a lot, it very much feels like a Metroid game.
  • 5233
    I hacked a wall-monster, triggered it, it created a bridge of rocks all across the area, and I was able to get a powerup. Great design.
  • 5234
    Yes! I defeated the Bee!
  • 5235
    I got the teleporty power and got to E-KUR-MAH. Exciting.
  • 5236
    There is a 'minus world' in the lower left part of UKKIN-NA.
  • 5237
    completed the game on Normal difficulty. My wrists and thumbs are completely destroyed after that boss fight. I ended up using the Kilver exclusively. I got 63% items, 91% map, and died 74 times.