Crisis Force (NES)

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         Developer : Konami
             Genre : Scrolling shoot 'em up
      Release Info : Japan-Only Release

      Achievements :

Crisis Force

Log entries

  • 5330 
    Man, this is an impressive Famicom shooter. Plays great, sounds great, and looks amazing. Such great detail in the environments.
  • 5331 
    Completed stage 1.
  • 5333 
    The stage 3 big face boss is pretty cool.
  • 5334 
    Completed stage 6/7 using 15-lives Konami code.
  • 2015-04-26
  • 5336 
    Completed the game. Completed using 15-lives Konami Code. Awesome, stylish shooter. Deserves to be recognized as a classic Konami game.
  • 2016-08-11
  • 6830 
    I tried playing around with mednafen, my new favourite emulator, but the lag was a bit annoying in this game, until I read the manual and set these settings in mednafen-09x.cfg:
    video.driver        opengl
    video.glvsync       0
    video.blit_timesync 0
  • 2018-01-18
  • 8334 
    This works with my Everdrive N8.
  • 2020-07-03
  • 10854 
    Got the Stage 1 - Normal achievement. - Just testing out retro achievements in Retroarch.

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