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Earth Defense Force 2025

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  • 5362
    I've been wondering whether to buy a japanese copy of EDF 4.1 for the PS4, since it hasn't come out in the west yet, but then I suddenly had a PS3, and this was 159 DKK on the PS store. I'm sure the frame rate is horrendous in this version.
  • 5363
    That is some exciting title screen music by Masafumi Takada and Jun Fukuda. Masafumi Takada is known from killer7, No More Heroes, Vanquish, The Evil Within, and EDF 2017.
  • 5364
    Damn spiders!
  • 5365
    Completed 5/85 missions.
  • 5366
    Note to self: Reload Time: ---- means *no reload*!
  • 5367
    You know it's an EDF game when the screen is filled with countless, fast-moving, enourmous enemies, and the frame rate turns to sh*t.
  • 5368
    Completed 29/85 missions... That's 8.5 hours... I should probably take a break.
  • 5370
    35/85 missions.
  • 2015-05-16
  • 5378
    40/85 missions.


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