Binary Domain (PlayStation 3)

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         Developer : Yakuza Team
             Genre : Third person shooter
            Themes : Cyberpunk
        Other Tags : robots

not completed.
Binary Domain

Log entries

  • [5374]
    I somehow own this, possibly via PS Plus. The PS3 spent hours downloading 11 GB and now it's taking *forever* to install.
  • [5375]
    Hollow Children? I like where this is going. It's like a prequel to The Terminator.
  • [5376]
    Completed chapter 1/6.
  • [5377]
    Completed chapter 2/6. The Hollow Children, Terminator-like androids that are unaware of not being human, is a frightening concept. And the cutscenes are surprisingly good, especially compared to the banter during gameplay, which is a bit awful.
  • 2015-05-17
  • [5379]
    My favorite team has become Cain, the french robotic badass, and the always awesome Big Bo. I've started to pour money into upgrading their weapons, which makes me think more of them as characters in an RPG party, instead of annoying shooter team mates that get in the way of my shots (which they sadly still do - a lot).
  • [5380]
    As the game progresses, I'm enyoing the basic gameplay more and more. This is definitely not as good as Gears of War, but I'm starting to get that same feeling of playing war, that made the Gears games so enjoyable.
  • [5381]
    Completed chapter 3/6.
  • [5382]
    Robot Gorilla!
  • 2016-02-03
  • [6239]
    Got the A Private Moment trophy. - Kissed a chinese sniper lady.


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