Operation Wolf (Arcade)

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         Developer : Taito
             Genre : Lightgun shooter
            Themes : Military

Operation Wolf


 220750 ..........  on 2015-06-08

Log entries

  • [5438]
    Got the score 220750. Dammit! I reached the final helicopter boss on the final stage, but died. It seems there are no continues in this game. This is one of the most fun light gun shooters I have played.
  • [5439]
    I'm playing on my new Nexus 10 Android tablet, using MAME4droid, a version of MAME that seems very well designed. Obviously, most games wouldn't work well with touch controls, but light gun games are pretty much perfect for this format.
  • 2015-06-12
  • [5449]
    Completed the game using 0 continues (MAME). SPLENDED! YOU ARE A REAL PRO.
  • [5450]
    ... Played it on MAME with a mouse. Maybe that's a bit too easy. Still fun, though.


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