Cyber Police ESWAT (System 16)

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With the side-scrolling gameplay mechanics of Shinobi and the slow pace of Robocop, ESWAT is an action game where you gun down hordes of street punks. Boss fights involve a tiger, a giant gorilla, and a monster truck.

Log entries

  • [5458]
    As a kid, I saw some screenshots from the Amiga version of ESWAT, and was fascinated by a game where you were a cop in a mechsuit, fighting against super criminals in a dark future. I never managed to get a hold of the Amiga version. The game starts out cool enough, as you rise through the ranks as a beat cop by shooting criminals many times, and then arresting them. When you become ESWAT, the game starts to lose its momentum and the last few levels are treadmills of tedium, quite literally in cases, as you walk on conveyor belts moving towards you while being shot at by sentry guns. Well, at least the game was short.
  • [5459]
    completed the game using 8 continues (MAME). I defeated a monster truck by kicking it in the ... truck.


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