Battle Arena Toshinden (PlayStation)

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Run, Rungo, run!

Log entries

  • [5520]
    I tried to get this to work in psX and epsxe, but in both emulators, the game was running at an insane speed, regardless of FPS limiting options.
  • 2015-07-05
  • [5531]
    completed the game with RUN-GO on Normal (3/5) difficulty using 5 continues (1P GAME). RUN-GO is great. My strategy was: hit enemies in the face with square until they were almost out of range, then club them with triangle.
  • [5532]
    The solution to the emulation problems was as always: use mednafen. I had some trouble finding a good rip with .cue and .bin files, but once I had that, the emulator works perfectly.


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