Kirby's Adventure Wii (Wii)

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            Series : Kirby
         Developer : HAL Laboratory
             Genre : 2D Platformer

not completed.
Kirby's Adventure Wii

Log entries

  • [5678]
    Jeppe recommended this to me, and I'm enjoying annihilating my way through this cute game.
  • 2016-08-27
  • [6878]
    Completed level 2/7, Raisin Ruins. As cute and destructive as ever.
  • [6880]
    Hmm... This game has good music, by HAL Laboratory veterans Hirokazu Ando and Jun Ishikawa. Some of it is positively inspired, like 'Underwater Area'.
  • 2016-08-31
  • [6895]
    I've made a tiny gaming setup with the WiiU controller on its stand on my bedside table and a Wiimote. Playing a level of a not-very-challenging-but-very-charming platform game right before going to sleep seems appropriate.
  • 2016-09-10
  • [6913]
    I've been playing Kirby in bed, and I've reached the end of the Nutty Noon levels.


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