Rolling Thunder (Arcade)

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            Series : Rolling Thunder
         Developer : Namco
             Music : Junko Ozawa
             Genre : Run and gun
             Ports : Rolling Thunder (1988 NES)

not completed.
Rolling Thunder


Scores - MAME:
 43300 ...........  on 2015-09-28
 39640 ...........  on 2015-10-03
 23700 ...........  on 2015-09-28
 23000 ...........  on 2015-09-28
 17800 ...........  on 2015-09-28

Log entries

  • Got the score 17800 in MAME. This is a cool game. Responsive like Shinobi, tight 2D gameplay, with very detailed animation, even including vaulting over railings, and enemies turning their heads looking for you.
  • Got the score 23000 in MAME.
  • Got the score 23700 in MAME.
  • Got the score 43300 in MAME. Killed by time out...
  • 2015-10-03
  • Got the score 39640 in MAME. Completed stage 1. I ran out of ammo on my continue and had to just jump past the last dude.
  • An interesting feature that this game shares with Magic Sword: You can freely select a level when you start a game, allowing you to complete the game over several separate visits to an arcade. This feature was very rarely present in arcade games, probably because it could result in each player putting less coins into a machine to complete a game.

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