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Space Manbow


Scores - OpenMSX:
 140600 ..........  on 2015-10-29
  65200 ..........  on 2015-10-29

Log entries

  • [5950]
    I'm figuring out how to use the OpenMSX emulator. On Mac OS, I moved the executable and the 'share' directory next to each other and is running the emulator from the command line:
    ./openmsx game.rom
  • [5951]
    Also on Mac OS, I can press Command-L to execute commands. The emulator crashed when I tried to go to fullscreen mode, but this also works:
    set scale_factor 3
  • [5952]
    Epic intro! And great music.
  • [5953]
    This is really hard. Also, I need some better key bindings - arrow keys and space are not great.
  • 2015-10-29
  • [5954]
    OpenMSX saves the executed commands in ~/.openMSX/share/settings.xml.
  • [5955]
    Got the score 65200 in OpenMSX. Completed level 1.
  • [5958]
    Example joystick mapping:
    '~/.openMSX/share/settings.xml' contains (less-than and greater-than replaced by square brackets):
    [settings] ... [setting id=scale_factor]3[/setting] [setting id=keyjoystick1.up]s[/setting] [setting id=keyjoystick1.down]d[/setting] [setting id=keyjoystick1.left]a[/setting] [setting id=keyjoystick1.right]f[/setting] [setting id=keyjoystick1.triga]j[/setting] [setting id=keyjoystick1.trigb]k[/setting] [/settings]
    text file 'plug.script' contains:
    plug joyporta keyjoystick1
    And the emulator is started with this command:
    ./openmsx -script plug.script game.rom
  • [5959]
    Got the score 140600 in OpenMSX. Killed by the level 2 boss.
  • 2015-10-30
  • [5960]
    You save state with command-s and restore with command-r.
  • [5961]
    Completed level 2/8.
  • 2015-11-22
  • [6020]
    Playing in my hotel room in Brighton while visiting Peter, I accidentally destroyed my quicksave by quicksaving in a different game. Now I understand that quicksaves are global in OpenMSX. Entering the console and using 'savestate' and 'loadstate' commands works, though. I played through the first two levels, and then proceeded to complete level 3.


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