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I'm afraid of sharks. I wasn't before trying this.

Log entries

  • [6246]
    While at AES in London, I was able to try the Playstation VR set for the first time. The SCE London guys were kind enough to give us a demo, and 'The Deep' was the first thing I tried. The kit is really good, the tracking was pretty much perfect. The demo was very convincing, and that damn shark scared me half to death. My heart was pounding afterwards.
  • [6247]
    I also got to try 'The London Heist shootout' demo, which was incredibly fun. I was playing with the great Playstation VR kit, and a couple of Move controllers, the tracking of which was maybe not quite accurate enough to be convincing. Nevertheless, ducking behind a table and shooting bad guys with completely free aiming was a fantastic experience. It felt like being inside a Time Crisis game, instead of playing one.
  • 2020-11-04
  • [11272]
    I've downloaded the 'PlayStation VR Demo Disc' and this collection was fun to try again. 'The Deep' had been renamed to 'Ocean Descent', but it was basically the same thing. However, I played the shark-less, non-scary, beautiful ocean descent.
  • [11273]
    Afterwards, I played a shooting gallery with the DualShock, which worked surprisingly well.


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