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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Second Madhouse playthrough stats


  • 12760 
    Eveline is a little girl who has been changed into a bio-weapon. She vomits up mold that can take over the bodies of other humans. In the Baker House, she uses her mind control power to appear as an old woman in a wheelchair.

Log entries

  • 6602 
    I tried the demo of this first person Resident Evil game today at the office. I'm not at all convinced this is a good direction for the series, but the demo seemed pretty atmospheric. I'll be interested to learn more about it.
  • 6603 
    The title is genius, though. Especially when the japanese title is Biohazard 7: Resident Evil. :)
  • 2016-12-12
  • 7307 
    I played through the most recent demo with Thomas J and Sacha, and we were thorougly spooked, especially by the monsters in the basement. I'm a bit more positive towards the game now that I know it will have combat. And the graphics is pretty amazing.
  • 2016-12-13
  • 7309 
    I just played through the teaser 'Beginning Hour' and got the Bad Ending and the Infected Ending by getting touched by the basement thing. Playing with headphones at night, I really enjoyed the claustrophobic microcosm of the house and is excited to play the final game when it comes out. Now if only I could kill that monster in the basement and get the good ending...
  • 7310 
    I made Anders try the demo before we watched more Westworld. He was suitably spooked, and looked forward to seeing the full game, as am I. It's supposed to be out on January 24th.
  • 2016-12-15
  • 7316 
    I wanted to show this to Martin S. A., and we played through the demo once getting the bad ending, apparently because the fuse doesn't appear in the first playthrough. On the second, I tried shooting the basement creature again, and again failing to kill it, and got the infected ending. Again.
  • 2017-01-25
  • 7443 
    I have it and it's installed on my PS4. Too tired to play now, though. I thought the game was 450 DKK, but I went to Elgiganten and it was only 399. I didn't complain.
  • 2017-01-26
  • 7445 
    I played through the first couple of hours with Anders watching. This starts out great. The introduction to Mia was intense and disgusting, but the grotesque dinner scene had me laughing. The first person fights integrate so well with the cutscenes, that I hesitate even calling them that. I'm constantly reminded of the Condemned games, RE7 could be an extremely high quality Condemned 3. Which is not a bad thing.
  • 7446 
    The garage fight was an exciting mess, with me trying a lot of random stuff while the old dude was trying to murder me. The solution to the problem had me laughing once more.
  • 7447 
    The stealth sequences feel very intuitive and natural. Elegant even.
  • 2017-01-29
  • 7453 
    The black goo creatures (very reminiscent of Condemned 2) are a nightmare to fight with the pistol. Normal ones take 4 head shots before going down, and the beefed up one in the morgue was extremely tough. I went to get the Shotgun, which made my life so much easier. A single headshot on the creatures are enough to take them out.
  • 7454 
    The chainsaw fight with Jack was disgusting and fun. So much face-sawing.
  • 7455 
    I finally got out of the house. The outside area is very atmospheric.
  • 7456 
    Ahh... Antique coins are used to buy upgrades. I bought some Steroids, which boost your health, and now I'm saving up for a Magnum.
  • 2017-01-30
  • 7457 
    Bugs. So many bugs. Anders came by and watched for a while.
  • 7458 
    That flamethrower really helps with the bugs.
  • 7459 
    It's cool that you can unlock shortcuts, Dark Souls-style.
  • 7460 
    The bug lady scared the living shit out of me. For that, she gets grenades and fire. She is wearing a wasp nest diaper. That is *incredibly* messed up.
  • 7461 
    Bug lady has been disintegrated.
  • 7463 
    I visited Mikkel and Tuki and we played for a couple of hours from the beginning. Both of them was pretty stressed out by the intensity of this game, and I had to force myself to stop playing and go home.
  • 2017-02-04
  • 7473 
    Mikkel and Tuki ventured out in the misty streets of the North West to resume our game of RE7. We finished off Jack and exited the building.
  • 2017-02-05
  • 7474 
    I had to play some more by myself. I almost regretted the decision when I ventured into the kid's room. The little 'surprise' after getting the arm nearly scared me to death, but fortunately my instincts were to immediately fire the shotgun into the face of the 'surprise'.
  • 2017-02-07
  • 7479 
    I found the 'Happy Birthday' tape and played through it, enjoying the Film Noir-ish cruel fate of Clancy, the camera man. I was stuck on not trying to use the dirty telescope for a while, but when I figured that out, everything fell into place pretty quickly. Nice twist with the animatronic clown dude writing on Clancy's arm instead of the paper. This part of the game feels like the castle in Chapter 3 of RE4, with traps and puzzles, and an annoying puzzle master that taunts you incessantly.
  • 2017-02-11
  • 7480 
    With Anders hanging out on my couch, I slowly fumbled my way through the second 'Happy Birthday' puzzle. The solution was simple but also a bit boring, I thought I had to combine everything in a new and interesting way, but in reality it was just a question of skipping a few steps.
  • 7481 
    The shoot-the-glowy bits boss fight was fun, if a bit awkward, and I enjoyed using my repaired M21 Shotgun, which packs a nice punch. I feel like I'm playing Doom II here.
  • 7482 
    I ended up saving the girl who stabbed me, threw me through a wall, and cut off my hand with a chainsaw instead of the girl who did nothing but help me. To be fair, I did chop her with an axe and and shoot her a lot. We have a complicated relationship. Still, the devil you know...
  • 2017-02-12
  • 7483 
    The boat level was cool, great atmosphere and a cool tense feeling to be on the defensive. And then you get an assault rifle.
  • 7484 
    I'm pretty close to the end of the game, and I'm thinking about how many non-boss enemies I've encountered: black goo dudes, powered-up black goo dudes with the weapon arm, giant insects, four-legged black goo dudes, big black goo dudes. That's 5, 4 of which are very similar. I'm not complaining, just a bit surprised. It suits the rest of the game, small in scope, but highly detailed.
  • 7485 
    I was stuck for a bit in the boat level, around the same area where you find the remote mines for the first time. I wasted so many of them trying to open blocked doors. I think the developers could have done a better job of signalling the purpose of the mines.
  • 7486 
    In the mines I started fully using my arsenal. I was a little bit disappointed with the sound of the 44 Magnum. The most powerful handgun in the world should sound like thunder. It sure did seem to take out the big black goo dudes quickly, though.
  • 7487 
    The last part of the mines have some great lighting.
  • 7488 
    Big doll in the kitchen. That's weird.
  • 7489 
    The final boss is real Braindead. I mean the Peter Jackson movie, not the ... mental state. The *gameplay* of the final boss is real braindead. The mental state.
  • 7490 
    Oh, Albert-01, where were you when I needed you the most?
  • 7491 
    Completed the game on Normal difficulty. Play Time: 13:26'29", restarts 21, 13/20 Mr. Everywheres, 15/18 Antique Coins.
  • 7492 
    Man, someone spent way to much time on those end credits. Great work. However, Ethan's final monologue is up there with the cinema cut of Blade Runner in pointless awkwardness.
  • 7493 
    The 'Go Tell Aunt Rhody' song has a completely over-the-top spooky arrangement. Damn, that's downright frightening. I kind of love it. :)
  • 7494 
    I started a new game on 'Madhouse' difficulty to test out the awesome Albert-01R. I had to retry the Mia fight many times before I got the 20 headshots needed to stop her. After that point, the game gets considerably easier, and I managed to reach The Old House and get the flamethrower.
  • 2017-02-19
  • 7514 
    I spend a lot of time preparing for the Marguerite boss fight, but the boss fight itself is frustrating, and I've decided to take a break from it.
  • 2017-02-24
  • 7525 
    I went to the PD office to play with Mikkel and Tuki, and there was a PlayStation VR kit set up, so we had to try RE7 in VR. It was weird, but also cool in its own awkward way. The first thing you notice is that your hands seem very small and are attached to your face. The scale of the world in general feels a bit off, you feel weirdly tiny. If you use a gun, you aim with your head, which works, but still feels odd. When you turn with the right stick, it does so in 30 degree increments (to avoid nausea, I presume). What did work extremely well, was the giant insects flying in your face. I jumped in my seat and yelled out when that happened the first time. The old house area was pretty exciting to try in VR. We ended up playing on the TV instead, and progress a bit further, reaching the greenhouse and unlocking the gate.
  • 2017-03-21
  • 7595 
    I started a new game at Martin's place, speedrunning up to the chainsaw boss fight. Still fun to shoot black goo creatures in their ugly heads with the shotgun.
  • 2017-03-26
  • 7597 
    I'm struggling with the Bug Lady boss fight on Madhouse difficulty. I think I should upgrade my health, perhaps enabling me to survive two consecutive attacks from her. I need a couple of Antique Coins for that. I found a simple exploit of the save system: craft some psychostimulants and go look for stuff. Remember where stuff is, reload.
  • 7598 
    Man! I finally beat Marguerite! After having used every single magnum and shotgun bullet and every grenade, I picked up two shotgun rounds and finally defeated my Nemesis.
  • 7599 
    Nabaz visited today and after I completed the 'Barn Fight' with two of the big creatures, he solved the Birthday Cake puzzle pretty quickly.
  • 7600 
    To get all the Mr. Everywhere statues, I believe I need to find 15 of the little annoying dudes before the character change, after which I need to find 2 as Mia, and then 3 as Ethan. I have 15 now, so I should be OK for now. I would like some upgrades for the Mutated Jack boss fight, maybe I'll go looking for some coins.
  • 2017-03-27
  • 7602 
    I just read on the Resident Evil Wiki that there is a shadow puzzle in the courtyard. I need to figure that out.
  • 7603 
    I figured it out. There is a whole tiny area with a shadow podium in the courtyard. And I figured out the puzzle, which yielded a Stabilizer.
  • 7604 
    I have a strategy for Mutant Jack, but it only reaches the part where he dives into the water and reemerges. After that, he just seemed to kill me. And the strategy was: stick on his tail when he's in the water, slashing the tail eye with my knife, and occasionally shooting at his leg eyes. When he's above, stay under his tail and wait for him to do an attack down in the water. Then shoot one of his eyes. Repeat.
  • 2017-05-28
  • 7853 
    Mikkel, Tuki, and I got the D-series Arm (very spooky), defeated Mutant Jack, and saved Mia. We stopped playing in the boat level, Starting with no equipment in the boat is still such a cool sequence.
  • 2017-07-16
  • 7972 
    My brother and his kids were visiting, and I thought RE7 was the perfect game for a nice evening. There was a decent amount of horrified shrieks involved, but I sure did capture their attention. :)
  • 2017-07-22
  • 7982 
    Completed the game. Mikkel, Tuki, and I finished the game, Mikkel sprinted through the final mine sequence almost without fighting any enemies, I didn't know that was possible. The end sequence is pretty fantastic.
  • 7984 
    Yes! I defeated Mutant Jack on Madhouse difficulty. I maneuvered around him a lot, avoiding standing in front of him, and blocked every attack I needed to. The general strategy of staying as close to his tail as possible works to generally avoid damage. In the early part of the fight I doused him with the flamethrower to hit as many of his eyes as possible, and later on, I would pick off the leftover eyes with the Albert-01 and the M21 Shotgun. Breaking the boxes and getting reinforcements is key, and while I generally stayed on the lowest level, I would go for the top level when Jack started crawling down. When I was out of ammo, I prepared for the final stage by equipping the Magnum. The final stage was simple enough, shooting Jack in the eye with the strongest weapon I had (1 Magnum shot, 2x Grenade Launcher with Fire Rounds, and a couple of shots with the Shotgun) and blocking whenever he attacked.
  • 2017-07-23
  • 7985 
    The Wrecked Ship took me 3 hours. It was a little bit frustrating at times, but this area also contains some of the most exciting tense moments, when you're fighting Fat Molded without grenades or the Magnum, it gets really tricky.
  • 7986 
    Completed the game on Madhouse difficulty. The mines are fun, I took it slow and killed everything, saving several times along the way, and took down the big Fat Molded with grenades and Magnum bullets. The final boss fight fit my ammunition supply perfectly, possibly because the game adapts. I don't know.
  • 7987 
    Got the Mr. Nowhere trophy. - I loaded an old save and went to shoot a Mr. Everywhere I believe I had missed, and immediately got the trophy.
  • 7988 
    Completed the game on Easy difficulty. I did a 2:49:50 speedrun of the game.
  • 7989 
    Got the Just Get Me Outta Here trophy. - I got the trophy for completing the game in 4 hours.
  • 2017-07-24
  • 7993 
    *If* I were to get the rest of the trophies, I could start by doing a methodical run on Easy difficulty where I got these trophies:
    • Pelicans in Your Pocket: all coins,
    • The Devil Is in the Details: All files,
    • Duck If You Love Life: Crouch to avoid Jack's scissor attack,
    • That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball: Kill enemy by attaching Remote Bomb to them,
    • Out Before Dessert: Complete 'Happy Birthday' tape in 5 minutes,
    • Resource Manager: Open item box no more than 3 times (Who needs to access items when you have bought the infinite ammo Magnum for all those coins?), and
    • Walk it Off: Use no more than 3 First Aid Meds (Might be hard with the bosses, but still... infinite ammo Magnum).
  • 7994 
    I could reload saves as much as I need to avoid using First Aid.
  • 7995 
    The only trophies left would depend on getting all coins in Madhouse difficulty.
  • 2017-07-25
  • 8002 
    Completed the game on Easy difficulty. That was very tricky. I got the Pelicans in Your Pocket and Devil in the Details ones by following a guide, got the Duck one pretty easily, Walk it Off wasn't a problem, I didn't need to heal at all, except for using Steroids (which heals you fully), but Resource Manager was very tricky. You're forced to use the item box twice for the Birthday puzzle, which leaves one more use in the entire game. I used it early, making that part of the game super easy, but regretted it when I entered the Mines with only a Grenade Launcher with 3 Fire Rounds. I ended up running past everything except the last Fat Molded and entered the final boss fight with no ammo at all. Fortunately, after dying to the final boss, the 'Manage Items' menu doesn't count, which saved me.
  • 8003 
    OK, I'm going for the 'That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball' trophy. Let's reload a save and get a Molded to hug me.
  • 8004 
    Got it. It seemed to require a normal Molded with two arms attacking with both arms, while you have a bomb equipped.
  • 8005 
    Got the Out Before Dessert trophy.
  • 8006 
    Now I'm only missing 'Mad Pelicans', getting all Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty. Should be a breeze, with infinite Magnum.
  • 2017-07-26
  • 8007 
    Completed the game on Madhouse difficulty. I followed Bkstunt_31's RE7 FAQ and found all Antique Coins along the way.
  • 8008 
    Got the Biosplattered trophy. - After playing all day, I now have all trophies in Resident Evil 7.
  • 12408 
    Mastered this game.
  • 2017-08-10
  • 8042 
    Yngve tried playing the early parts of this, he didn't immediately love it, even if he was adequately spooked by the horrible jumpscares.
  • 2017-12-13
  • 8246 
    The 'Not a Hero' DLC is out, and free. Downloading...
  • 2017-12-17
  • 8253 
    Completed the game on Normal difficulty (Not a Hero). Cool DLC, not as good as the main game, but fun nonetheless. There are only two trophies, one for completing the DLC, and one for completing it on Professional difficulty.
  • 2018-01-01
  • 8284 
    I used some christmas gift money to buy some PS4-based presents, among them the Season Pass for RE7, on sale for 149 DKK, which should include 2 x Banned Footage, and an 'Additional Story Episode', whatever that is.
  • 2018-01-13
  • 8315 
    The 'Additional Story Episode' is 'End of Zoe'. The description in the PS store could have been clearer.
  • 8317 
    Completed the game (Daughters). A short, sneaky episode with Zoe in the main house. I got the bad ending, and didn't get to leave.
  • 8318 
    Completed the game (Daughters). I got the True Ending, using Lucas' pincode to read stuff on his laptop, and escaping the house using a Dog Head.
  • 2018-01-14
  • 8319 
    Completed the game (Bedroom). Clancy escaped Marguerite's hospitality.
  • 8320 
    Completed the game (21). Clancy played a deadly game of Blackjack with his fingers and life as bets.
  • 8321 
    Completed the game (21 Survival).
  • 8322 
    I played some 'Nightmare', a mode very similar to the Call of Duty Zombie mode. You gradually unlock new weapons and upgrades.
  • 2018-01-16
  • 8326 
    Completed the game on Normal difficulty (End of Zoe). End of Zoe was a *lot* of fun, the setting and Joe Baker's unique way of solving problems with his fists made this a ridiculous and exciting experience. I had some genuine scares related to 'gators, and the return of Jack reminded me of a few of the more shocking sequences in RE3. End of Zoe is the best of all the DLC for RE7.
  • 2018-10-24
  • 9229 
    I had forgot about the stats page on, so I only linked PSN account to it now. It's pretty neat, but the stats are completely wrong for this game. Apparently, the game doesn't keep stats locally that can be synchronized to the server. Too bad.
  • 2020-04-08
  • 10603 
    I tried playing this from the beginning in VR. Wandering around the house is amazingly immersive and spooky, even though the limitations of the graphics become very clear when you're playing in VR. Apart from that, I got spooked by my weird floating hands that appear out of nowhere. The weirdest thing about RE7 in VR is how small everything seems. I wonder why this is.
  • 2020-11-10
  • 11298 
    Playing this game in VR is too much! I forced myself to continue, but in the beginning I was so terrified of Mia that I took off my headphones and extended the headset away from my eyes. After she cut my hand off, it was a bit easier for me to get back into it, and I can proudly say that I got stuck in the face with the knife by Jack without flinching. I had a few terrifying moments, one with a black goo creature that I didn't expect around a corner, and one during the Mia-running-from-Marguerite tape, where I crawled down into a hole, the lights went out, and I was so nervous of jump scares that I decided to close my eyes. I opened my eyes, looking directly into Marguerite, and I nearly had a heart attack.

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