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Log entries

  • This was half price, and I knew I wanted it. I have played 2 missions on Veteran difficulty, the highest selectable one, and it is fun and adequately challenging. The low difficulty levels, like the rest of the structure of the game, seem inspired by Diablo III. But Diablo with space marines? That's all right with me!
  • 2016-07-16
  • Nabaz and I played a mission, destroyed some bug nests. I'm from Buenos Aries and I say kill 'em all or something.
  • 2016-07-17
  • My Tank dude is level 10, and has a range of abilities, making him really fun and dynamic to play. I swapped the reload and ability buttons R3 and O, which feels much better.
  • 2016-07-19
  • Completed the game with Tank (World Level 1). Playing with Mikkel G, we beat the Mothership level, which is apparently the last level before the game starts over at World Level 2, which I guess is New Game+.
  • 2016-11-26
  • After playing Helldivers, Mikkel G, Erik, and myself booted up Alienation, but the relatively low frame rate was too jarring after playing Helldivers, and we quickly moved on.
  • 2017-07-26
  • I played a bit more of Alien Diablo with my Tank character.
  • 2017-08-05
  • I'm thinking I never uploaded the savegame from when I completed the game, my character doesn't seem to have been through all missions.
  • 2017-08-06
  • I started a new Bio-Specialist character and started playing on Veteran difficulty. I like the Bio-Specialist.
  • 2017-08-11
  • I played a horrible death march of a level with the Tank. Frustrating, but I eventually got through it.
  • 2017-08-14
  • I reached the Mothership again with my Tank character. I tried and failed a couple of times - at least I got a legendary shotgun out of it.
  • 2017-08-15
  • Completed the game with Tank (World Level 1). I finally finished the Mothership with my Tank character. It really helped that I found an *amazing* legendary flamethrower to go with my legendary plasma shotgun. Now I have unlocked all sorts of new modes, and the world is level 2 for my Tank.
  • 2017-08-25
  • I played a few more levels with the Bio-Specialist on Veteran difficulty. It's a lot of fun, and I have started destroying all the respawn points, which I think gets me more gems when I complete the level.
  • I lost controller power out of nowhere in the middle of the first mission. The game doesn't pause, and my desparate dash to find my backup controller and turn it on wasn't fast enough, and I died, losing my XP multiplier. Just one of those days, I guess...
  • 2017-08-26
  • More Bio-Specialist.
  • I went back to the Tank, thinking that I'll do a playthrough of World level 2 to unlock the next difficulty level for the Bio-Specialist. The game is more fun in World level 2, but I still don't like that Tank all that much.
  • 2017-11-20
  • I played a bit more with the Bio-Specialist.
  • 2017-11-26
  • Very hung over from yesterday's Christmas lunch, Alienation was a good choice for a relaxing game.
  • 2021-06-15
  • I started a new game with Bjørk and Malu, where I played as a Saboteur. This game doesn't run better on a PS5 than it does on a PS4.

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