Project CARS (PlayStation 4)

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Log entries

  • [6842]
    This was 159 DKK. It has cars in it. Fast ones.
  • 2016-08-21
  • [7811]
    I streamed some more cars.
  • 2017-12-09
  • [8235]
    Dirt Rally has been on sale in the Playstation store lately, and I've thought about buying it. Maybe some Project CARS can scratch the itch? I resumed playing the campaign on skill level 30, and won the Formula Rookie World Championship. The next campaign event was a Kart event. I can't drive karts to save my life, and the constant turning and bumping gave me nausea that lasted for several hours. New rule for me playing Project CARS: no more kart racing.
  • [8236]
    To skip the kart races, I have created a new career character, Turbo Bandit, that starts at 'TIER 6', which is Touring cars and Formula cars. I've been driving a Renault Clio up until now.


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