Lionheart (Amiga)

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Developed by Thalion

not completed.

log entries

  • [6972]
    I've read a lot about this game, it's supposed to be good. I'm viewing the intro now. The title music is slightly out of tune, but very well-arranged and dramatic. The graphics by Henk Nieborg is wonderfully detailed.
  • [6973]
    The info screen has a warning on it: 'With LIONHEART, you're holding in your hands the results of 16 months of struggle, enthusiasm and hard work. Four young and idealistic, but nevertheless PAID people, put a lot of effort into it. Many colleagues called us crazy to make such a huge and expensive project on a pirate-tormented machine as the Amiga. Instead of stopping to support the Amiga, we'll let the users decide whether it's still possible to afford developing high quality software on this machine or not. If we shouldn't be able to cover at least our development costs by the sales, LIONHEART will be the last action game by Thalion.'
  • [6974]
    Thalion did close down the next year, so I guess they were crazy.
  • [6975]
    6 continues.


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