True Pinball (PlayStation)

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Another Digital Illusions pinball game, this time for the PlayStation, published by Ocean. It is clearly a sequel to the Amiga pinball games, the top display looks like it could be straight out of Pinball Fantasies. The ball physics seems improved, and it more or less feels like a modern pinball game. the graphics is prerendered except for the ball, and the music plays a CD streams, which switches inelegantly with a second-long break whenever the laser has to move to a new track. A good example of the limitations of streaming audio compared to a tracker that plays in memory. The title music by Olof Gustafsson is cool, pure brutal acid techno.


Scores - Vikings:
 157090000 .......  on 2016-11-21

Log entries

  • [7208]
    This was the other PlayStation game I bought together with Tekken 3.
  • [7209]
    Got the score 157090000 in Vikings.


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