The Last Guardian

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    Martin S. A. showed me this charming, if slightly frustrating game. Trico, the giant cat-bird-thing, is wonderfully animated and is astoundingly well-made. The game seems very much like a game in the style of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, beautiful, poetic, and made with great care. However, I have some issues with this one. The main problem is the controls, especially the camera. The camera moves extremely slowly, and with an annoying delay, making adjusting the camera needlessly frustrating. Also, the camera gets frustrating to position when in tight tunnels with the creature, which happens pretty often, at least early on. The boy controls also feel a bit loose and random at times. I was getting annoyed after playing the game for an hour or so, even though I liked everything that happened on the screen. And another thing, the constant tutorial pop-ups are ugly and seem to be there throughout the whole game. Why? I'm still fascinated to learn more about the world of The Last Guardian, but the controls make it less appealing than it should be.