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Series: Arkanoid
Developed by Taito

not completed.

log entries

  • 7527
    How strange that I never encountered this port before. I always loved Arkanoid, and would have played this like crazy on my brother's Amiga back in 1987.
  • 7528
    The version of Arkanoid I found was cracked by 'The Star Frontiers'. They mention that it was 'ADAPTED FOR PAL AMIGAS', so the game seems to have been originally written for NTSC. This is good news, as 60 Hz has become the predominant display refresh rate, and emulating this game on NTSC virtual hardware should work perfectly.
  • 7529
    Indeed, running the game in FS-UAE with the option --ntsc_mode=1 makes the game run smoothly on my 60 Hz display.
  • 7530
    Oooh, big space invader.
  • 7531
    Got the score 30840 in FS-UAE.
  • 7532
    Got the score 60850 in FS-UAE. Reached ROUND 8.
  • 7533
    It says 99 continues, but I think it may be infinte. And there is a level select. Doesn't get much easier than that.
  • 2017-02-27
  • 7534
    I reached ROUND 11, which is really tricky. Grey blocks only.
  • 7535
    When I finally beat ROUND 11, it was in spectacular fashion, with the ball going behind the grey blocks and entering the inner area, slowly eating its way out. Now I reached ROUND 14.
  • 2017-03-01
  • 7537
    Got the score 90990 in FS-UAE. Reached level 17.
  • 7538
    Reached level 19.
  • 2017-03-04
  • 7543
    Got the score 127310 in FS-UAE. Reached ROUND 23.
  • 7544
    Reached level 27/33.
  • 7545
    Got the score 150800 in FS-UAE. I played through levels 1-24, recording it for uploading to YouTube.
  • 7546
    ARGH! I reached the final boss, DOH, with only 1 life and was hit. Game over. No continues. Start over from level 20. Angry.
  • 7547
    So the lesson is: never complete level 32 with less than 3 lives. Or something.
  • 7548
    Got the score 179260 in FS-UAE. I played level 20-24 again to re-record level 25-33, hopefully beating DOH.
  • 7549
    Noooo! I accidentally completed level 32 and died again to DOH!!
  • 2017-03-05
  • 7550
    ARRGGHHHH!!! I played all the way from level 20 *again*, reaching level 32, and suicided and retried a million times until I finally reached DOH with 3 lives. And then I died 3 times in a row. *sob* ... I can't do this anymore.
  • 7551
    You need 16 hits on DOH on the same life. Going into the boss fight with multiple lives only helps increase the chance of success in one of the lives.