Treasure Island (Arcade)

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Scores - MAME:
 7620 ............  on 2017-05-02

Log entries

  • [7701]
    Got the score 7620 in MAME.
  • [7702]
    This is the earliest example of isometric graphics I've been able to find, coming out a year before both Q*bert and Zaxxon.
  • 2017-07-10
  • [7964]
    Hmm... I've been looking for proof that this game came out in 1981, and it's inconclusive. Some sources indicate that it came out in 1982, the same year as Zaxxon. I've seen enough of the crazy experimental DECO cassette system games Data East created in the early 80s to think that they *would* have come out with the first isometric game, but I just can't prove it yet.


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