Lemmings (SEGA Genesis)

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            Series : Lemmings
Original Developer : DMA Design
    Port Developer : Sunsoft
    Original Music : Brian Johnston
 Music Arranged by : Hirohiko Takayama
           Port of : Lemmings (1991 Amiga) 

not completed.
Image source: mobygames.com

Log entries

  • [8088]
    I played multiplayer Lemmings with Thomas on the Genesis. This Sunsoft port isn't great, the sound is underwhelming, and the frame rate is unstable. It was still fun to play the weird competetive split-screen multiplayer version of Lemmings, where you constantly try to mess with your opponent's Lemming path. We ended up with a few blocker Lemmings left and nothing to blow them up with, and couldn't figure out what to do except reset the console.
  • 2020-04-08
  • [10605]
    I played Lemmings multiplayer with Malu, and we had exactly the same problem as last time I played. The multiplayer game got stuck, and we couldn't blow up the remaining Lemmings. Also the music in the multiplayer seems broken.


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