Destiny 2 (PlayStation 4)

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Destiny 2 Nessus (image source:
- Thanks to Jeppe for lending me this
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Log entries

  • [8096]
    Jeppe is taking a break from this, and I have his disc. Looking forward to trying it out.
  • 2017-09-19
  • [8097]
    I played my first 3.5 hours of Destiny 2. Early on, I was annoyed by too many cutscenes filled with characters and scenarious I don't know or care about, but the game soon enough turned into the Borderlands-like RPG shooter experience I expected it to be. I'm shooting my way through the campaign missions, and reached Titan. The game seems a bit more polished than its predecessor overall. I'm not super happy about the disappearing mission indicators, I constantly have to bring out the Ghost to figure out where to go. Also, the messy first area with other players constantly running around and engaging in MMO-like missions, wasn't a great experience. Luckily, the campaign missions don't have random people running around, doing MMO stuff. I'm even enjoying the scenes with Space Marine/Darth Vader-looking bad guy, Ghaul. He has a great look, even if he's not the most interesting character.
  • [8098]
    I played for 8 hours and completed 9/16 campaign missions. I really started enjoying the game on Nessus, an absolutely stunning location. I couldn't continue the campaign before I was level 11, so I spent 2 hours leveling up. I consequently learned that the green bar at the bottom of the screen was indeed the experience bar.
  • [8099]
    I finished the Io missions, also a wonderful environment. I'm enjoying the campaign more than I thought I would.
  • 2017-09-23
  • [8100]
    I needed to level up to level 15, so I spent a couple of hours shooting stuff on Io.
  • [8101]
    Back on Earth, I rolled around in tanks and blew stuff apart.
  • [8102]
    completed the game (Campaign). After a visiting the memorable Sun device, I had a fairly long and boring boss fight with Ghaul and finished the campaign.
  • [8103]
    I enjoyed playing through the Destiny 2 campaign. The basic shooting gameplay is fun, if not all that varied. The graphics range from competent to stunning (Nessus and Io stand out in particular). The enemies have great designs, but are not fleshed out at all, and don't have as interesting behaviour as in the Halo games. The overall tone of the story reminds me of Star Wars and Warhammer 40.000, with a cool retro style to the spaceships and locations. I didn't enjoy the bombastic music, so I ended up turning it off for the entire game, but the sound design is fantastic, and makes the guns really enjoyable to use.
  • [8104]
    The first person platforming was obnoxious, particularly in the final level.


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