Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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This Wolfenstein game is like a fun exploitation movie about killing Nazis in alternate history 1961, where the germans won WW2. It goes to some crazy places, like a Nazi base on Venus housing a old and paranoid Hitler. The FPS gameplay is entertaining, if a little bit uneven. The awesome soundtrack was composed by Martin Stig Andersen (LIMBO, INSIDE, Control) and Mick Gordon (DOOM) and is well worth listening to on its own.
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log entries

  • 8194
    I played the start of the first chapter of this new Wolfenstein game with Martin. It's very cool to hear him talk about the game. Also, why is it so insanely brutal? Those Swedes are crazy.
  • 2019-03-10
  • 9508
    On sale for 159 DKK.
  • 2019-06-23
  • 9783
    I finally got around to playing this. That title track is so good! Mick Gordon rocks.
  • 9784
    The first hour is crazy. The way it switches tonally between the somewhat realistic and the hilariously grotesque is really strange, a tonal switch that is accompanied by the switch between Mick Gordon heavy rock and Martin's abstract horror soundscapes.
  • 9785
    Oh, I like the cat-monkey.
  • 9786
    New York is an awesome Hellscape. Very cool.
  • 9787
    I just met the resistance in New York, their leader is a black woman that breastfeeds her baby in front of BJ Blazkowicz while chain-smoking.
  • 9788
    Got a nuclear warhead, and now we're heading to Roswell.
  • 9789
    The horrible vision of Roswell taken over by nazis was short, but exciting. The Milkshake Nazi sequence with the nuke standing on the table of the milk bar was amazing.
  • 9790
    I have now placed the nuke, but the nazis seem to be leaving in rockets. To where?
  • 9791
    The Dallas flashback sequences were amazing, who'd have thunk that B. J. Blazkowicz could have depth and such a cool character arc?
  • 9794
    B. J. went back to the old farmhouse and had a lot of flashbacks that were surprisingly effective. Blazkowicz Senior was waiting for B. J. in the house and wanted B. J. to turn himself in to the authorities. Senior ended up dead. Later on, so did Super Spesh.
  • 9792
    The courthouse dream sequence was frustratingly difficult. I restarted many times until I found the right way to handle it.
  • 2019-06-24
  • 9793
    I decrypted a bunch of Enigma codes, I think it unlocks side missions. Oh yeah, and Bombate and Sigrun were having sex in the submarine.
  • 2019-06-27
  • 9795
    New Orleans had a giant wall, and on the other side was a waking nightmare of distant screaming and the horrific remnants of the Nazi occupation.
  • 9796
    A lot happened: I got to ride a Panzerhund, and went to Venus and killed Hitler. Killing Hitler was a game over screen, but I still felt it was my duty. :)
  • 9797
    Outside on Venus it's too hot, so I have to pour coolant into my suit. It looks like a gas tank.
  • 9798
    The Resistance took over the Ausmerzer. Lots of nazis to shoot. The difficulty curve is a bit uneven.
  • 9799
    completed the game on Don't Hurt Me (2/6) difficulty. The final boss fight took a whole bunch of tries. And then, it was time for revenge on General Engel. And then, a rousing speech from Grace. Good stuff.


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