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    A trial version of this upcoming game was just released, and I wanted to figure out if it could be something for me. I played through the two easier missions using a couple of different weapons and failed the hardest mission twice. I can certainly see the appeal: long drawn-out boss battles with wonderfully animated fantastic dinosaurs, carefully timed attacks and dodges, ridiculous amounts of potions and consumable items, enemies fighting other enemies, and dynamic, exhausting battles taking place on large and varied maps with detailed and unique graphics. I don't know if I would keep playing this game, but it certainly has potential. I'm very concerned about two things:
    • the time limits are super annoying, you always feel you are in a hurry, and
    • the frame rate is awful in this trial, way below 30 FPS. If the frame rate is not dramatically improved in the final game, I probably won't come back to it.