Shadow Tower Abyss (PlayStation 2)

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  • I'm emulating this old From Software game on PCSX2, and it runs perfectly but has a few graphical glitches. It's a slow-paced, mysterious affair, a first person RPG taking place in a modern world fantasy setting. I'm stabbing weird troll-like creatures, dismembering them, and one even kept attacking me with its head missing. Health and ammo pickups seem relatively plentiful, and I've found a save point, guaranteeing progress. The game has a few instant death traps, such as collapsing floors. I have reached the Silent Shore area, which seems to be some kind of hub world.
  • The PCSX2 hardware rendering causes graphical glitches (both on D3D9, D3d11, and OpenGL), software rendering looks correct, but runs a bit too slow on the Lenovo Ideapad Y700.
  • 2017-12-29
  • I ventured into the Insect Area, and roamed around for a bit. The weapons lose durability really quickly, and some of the enemy attacks are annoyingly hard to avoid with your slow movement speed. I don't know about this game.

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