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Log entries

  • [8290]
    Free on PS Plus! What a nice surprise. I only have 3 days left of my subscription, maybe I should renew it.
  • [8293]
    I completed the Dubai mission. The gun combat is not very fun, so I guess I'll be going for stealth murder as much as possible.
  • [8294]
    I'm exploring a bit of Prague, enjoying the detailed environments and the atmospheric music.
  • [8296]
    I completed 3/17 main missions, murdering a lot of gangsters along the way. I'm not really friends with the hacking minigame, but I'll probably pick it up along the way.
  • 2018-01-07
  • [8297]
    I've started getting the stealth system, and is enjoying sneaking around and murdering people. The high level systems are very similar to those of Metal Gear Solid, and couple with a nice cover system, it feels good to sneak around.
  • [8298]
    I completed mission 7/17 in Golem City, which looks amazing. The environmental graphics of this game continue to impress me, and every new area is a joy. The mission structure and the NPCs remind me a lot of Fallout, but everything just seems tighter and more well-designed. Fallout is probably a much bigger game, but Deus Ex shows how this style of game can be done in a more controlled and convincing fashion.
  • 2018-01-08
  • [8299]
    I completed mission 11/17 and thus skipped mission 12. I'm really enjoying playing this, there is something about the detailed graphics, believable environments, and the very open gameplay, that contribute to make me feel like I'm playing a pen and paper cyberpunk roleplaying game.
  • 2018-01-09
  • [8300]
    I completed mission 14/17 and is ready for the final missions in London.
  • [8301]
    My PS Plus just expired, while I was working on the final boss fight. It's 22:30 - maybe that was the time of day when I purchased the subscription?
  • 2018-01-10
  • [8302]
    I re-activated my PS Plus subscription, because I'm a sucker. 190 DKK for 3 months.
  • [8303]
    Everything in the game just went to hell, and it's completely my own fault. Sloppy play and bad assumptions. Here's what happened:
    1. I entered the area where I should kill the fake guards without being detected. I had not saved the game.
    2. I walked up to the first guard and punched him in the face while a camera looked directly at me. Everything went bad, terrorists started murdering people.
    3. I got shot and reloaded the last auto-save.
    4. The game saved after I punched the guy, so now the game will continue to start *after* I messed up.
    5. I tried reloading a different auto-save, there was one before I punched the guy. I chose to not make a hard save, assuming that the game would keep a good save before the mission goes bad.
    6. I now waited until the camera faced away, punched the guard, and dragged him away. A few minutes later, I see two guards and think 'I can take both of them out' and immediately get spotted. Mission goes bad.
    7. Now, the auto-save before the first guard is overwritten, and I can't restart. The last save is from yesterday, and I would have to play a lot of stuff again to reach this point.
    8. From this point, I just try to push through, making it to Marchenko without the Kill Switch, and fight him with guns.
  • [8304]
    I managed to shoot Marchenko with a stun round and punch his lights out. Miller is dead.
  • [8305]
    completed the game on Give me a Challenge difficulty. After the last mission went to hell, I stopped caring, and just fought my way through in the most inelegant way. I got a bad ending with everyone dead. I have learned to SAVE MY GAME before starting the final missions in a Deus Ex game.
  • [8306]
    ... And now I get some end credits heavy metal.
  • [8307]
    Man, a lot of people worked on this.


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