Battle Fantasia (Xbox 360)

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3D graphics, 2D gameplay arcade fighting game, developed by Arc System Works, creators of the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series.
Battle Fantasia

Log entries

  • [673]
    I've been looking for a cheap version of this for some time. It's basically a fantasy-themed cutesy Street Fighter-clone. Now that I've challenged Jeppe Carlsen to get 20,000G before he does, it was a good time to get it. I'll start out by playing the hilariously named Urs van de Land.
  • [674]
    Completed the game with Urs (Story).
  • [676]
    Completed the game with Urs on Normal difficulty (Arcade).
  • [678]
    Completed the game with Marco (Story).
  • [679]
    Completed the game with Cedric (Story). Cedric is a charge character, in the vein of Guile, but way more annoying.
  • 2010-08-22
  • [681]
    Completed the game with Freed (Story). Another charge character. Very similar to Balrog (Mike Bison in Japan).
  • [682]
    Completed the game with Ashley (Story). Ashley, who is a dude, is a fast-moving but weak character. Kinda cool.
  • [683]
    Completed the game with Deathbringer (Story). Slow but hard-hitting.
  • 2010-08-30
  • [692]
    Completed the game with Watson Livingston (Story). Annoying little wizard rabbit with a double-crowned wizard hat, for the long ears. :)
  • [693]
    Completed the game with Coyori (Story). Cat girl.
  • [696]
    Got the Survivor achievement. - Yes! This was the one that got me to 20,000 friggin' gamerscore. Eat my dust, Jeppe!


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