A Hat in Time (Windows)

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         Developer : Gears for Breakfast
             Genre : 3D Platformer
      Release Info : DGA 2018

not completed.
- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
Image source: godisageek.com

Log entries

  • [8635]
    I cleared some HD space for all the Spilprisen games, and I'm installing a bunch of them now. For now, I'm going alphabetically, so this is the second game I'm trying out.
  • [8636]
    The title screen music is *very* reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • [8637]
    'Mafia punch seagull with child'. That's pretty funny. :)
  • [8638]
    Seamless switching between controller and keyboard. Nice.
  • [8655]
    Hourglass get!
  • [8639]
    I got a new sprinting hat, and I can switch hats at any time.
  • [8640]
    I fell into some oil, and the mafia dude thought I was some horrible slimy space alien. Nice touch.
  • [8641]
    Argh, the Badge Seller looks like a nightmare come to life.
  • [8642]
    The 2D boss fights are well designed, and reminds me of Donkey Kong Country. Some real Nintendo-fans worked on this game, for sure... :)
  • [8643]
    Mustache Girl is my enemy now. I should have known, that mustache looks pretty evil.
  • [8644]
    I unlocked the bird movie world, and I think I talked to the controversial owl secretary voiced by the infamous JonTron.
  • [8645]
    This seems like a totally all right 3D platformer.
  • [8646]
    The stealth sections are not much fun. I wish they weren't in the game.
  • 2018-03-07
  • [8647]
    I'm getting back in this for a little while.
  • [8648]
    Why are there UFOs all of a sudden?
  • [8649]
    Murder on the Owl Express. Weird mission.
  • [8650]
    How do these bounce pads actually work?
  • [8651]
    Oh, I need a special hat.
  • [8652]
    Lot's of Metal Gear references in this level.
  • [8653]
    Finally I got the murderer. It was the victim. Who isn't dead. :)
  • [8654]
    I completed the parade level. Fun idea, although I was a bit confused as what triggered the next stage after completing the goals for the previous stage.


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