Aporia: Beyond the Valley

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- This game was nominated for ae Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
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log entries

  • 8656
    The title screen starts out with some beautiful and subtle new age music.
  • 8657
    The lighting and colors are quite nice and atmospheric.
  • 8658
    I guess I'm filling this vial thing with a yellow liquid and using it to activate mechanisms in the world.
  • 8659
    An annoying whinch mechanism with a misleading controller tip led me to fall down and die. Auto-save was pretty far back, I guess I need to be saving manually all the time.
  • 8660
    OK, I have symbols that I can summon using the vial thing and use them to open doors.
  • 8661
    I a flower grow and then ... ate it? Confused.
  • 8662
    OK, the flowers heal damage. I get it.
  • 8663
    I've had enough for now, but the mysterious and atmospheric world makes me want to come back to it.
  • 2018-03-07
  • 8664
    I'm back, wandering around, unsure of where to go.
  • 8665
    I just turned on a light, and the whole area was lit up, and some beautiful new age music started playing. Great.
  • 8666
    I've come to a new area with an interesting rotating device that projects figures onto stones. I'll need to figure out what to do here.