Snake Towers

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- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
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log entries

  • 8699
    I have to say, Set Snail is the best developer name I've heard in a long time.
  • 8700
    It's slow snake game (a clone of 1976 arcade game 'Blockade'), with randomly generated levels, colorful graphics, a top-down orthogonal camera view. The game has a very chill vibe to it, very pleasant.
  • 8701
    Got the score 37. Having to cover a specific set of tiles with my snake-body is a great mechanic.
  • 8702
    Uh oh, a thunderstorm.
  • 8703
    I really want to control this with something else than swiping. Snake games should be played on a keyboard.
  • 8704
    I tried connecting my PS4 controller to my phone, which worked, but the game doesn't recognize it. Swiping it is.
  • 8705
    I think I prefer the virtual keyboard to the swiping. It allows for more precise timing.
  • 8706
    Got the score 44. It gets really tricky when the snake is long enough to fill the entire stage.
  • 8707
    I bought an egg that contained a brown snake part. I guess you're slowly unlocking new snake parts and can put together your own colorful snake monster.
  • 8708
    Got the score 45.
  • 8709
    Got the score 65. Yes! Score improved!
  • 8710
    This is a simple, enjoyable game with great style. It has some pay-to-play mechanics that can easily be ignored. Reccommended.
  • 2018-02-05
  • 8711
    I played this again tonight, and it's nice to come back to. I'm still a bit frustrated with not controlling it with a keyboard or controller, but it's still very fun.