Expeditions: Viking (Windows)

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         Developer : Logic Artists
             Genre : Turn-based strategy
      Release Info : DGA 2018

not completed.
- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.
Image source: bagogames.com

Log entries

  • [8732]
    This is a tactical RPG, I think.
  • [8733]
    The difficulty levels are named after historical vikings, I'll play on Leifr Eiriksson (Easy) difficulty.
  • [8734]
    I created a berserker character, 'Fightor Fightorssonson'. The last 'son' was a mistake, but I'll take it.
  • [8735]
    This game seems fairly complicated. So many mechanics.
  • [8736]
    All right, turn-based combat with hex tiles.
  • [8737]
    Cover system, huh.
  • [8738]
    Yes, my first victory. The tutorial battle was very easy.
  • [8739]
    The game seems to take place in Skjern. :)
  • [8740]
    I can't figure out how to locate side quests. I have several side quests active, and I have an icon for each, but I don't know which is which. The map doesn't have any more information.
  • [8741]
    Interesting that you can look anywhere on the map and see what's happening, even though your character isn't there.
  • [8742]
    I have prepared for tomorrow's duel: traps have been set, my opponent should be poisoned, and I have armour.
  • [8743]
    I won the duel. Very easy.
  • [8744]
    Cool-looking world map. Apparently, there is a travel meta-game here with resources and time limits.
  • [8745]
    Attacks of opportunity are like overwatch from XCOM, but also works for melee weapons.
  • [8746]
    The homestead is being attacked by raiders. I think I will leave this game for now.


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