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- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.

log entries

  • 8818
    Hmm... I have a shopping list: 1) Kill Balder (done), 2) Find children, 3) Showtime.
  • 8819
    I'm a pretty regular looking dude.
  • 8820
    Yikes, that character portrait ... I'm pretty evil looking.
  • 8821
    People are speaking ... Simlish?
  • 8822
    OK, I think I'm Loki.
  • 8823
    Yep, I'm Loki.
  • 8824
    Whoa, the cop guy just disappeared into thin air.
  • 8825
    I'm converting humans to my cause using logic and deceit.
  • 8826
    And now, I can also use terror. Excellent.
  • 8827
    I have 3 followers, and I tried talking to Jormungand, which is a tall dude with a gas mask (I think he's the Midgard Serpent), but it suggested I got more followers. I don't think there are any more available.
  • 8828
    OK, I got him, I just had to use more aggressive actions.
  • 8829
    More people to convert. I'm still not sure how on which criteria I should choose actions, so it's basically just trial and error.
  • 8830
    I convinced the second kid, a weird mutated-face girl. I think I'm done with FIMBUL '91.