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- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards.

log entries

  • 8842
    I think I'm out searching for my friend. I'm not sure which way to go.
  • 8843
    I found a camera - 'USE TO STUN THE BEAR'. Wait, there is a bear?
  • 8844
    I found a step ladder thing.
  • 8845
    Argh, the bears are scaring me.
  • 8846
    I crossed a ravine but almost froze to death.
  • 8847
    I think I respawned, but I'm not sure why?
  • 8848
    Oh no, I was murdered by a bear. What a cruel game this is.
  • 8849
    Bears can't climb trees, right? Right?
  • 8850
    I don't think I'm going to find my friend. It's a little hard to bear. Also, bears.