Returner 77 (iOS)

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         Developer : Fantastic, yes
             Music : Niels Bøttcher
      Release Info : DGA 2018

not completed.
- This game was nominated for a Spilprisen 2018 award. I was a jury member for the awards. Also thanks to Jeppe for lending me his iPhone.
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Log entries

  • [8865]
    This game is immediately captivating. The cartoonish style and extremely well-rendered graphics reminds me a bit of Metroid Prime.
  • [8866]
    It's comforting to have Colonel Ling tell me what to do. It relieves me of the burden of choice. :)
  • [8867]
    Most of the puzzles seem to be standard video game stuff, rotating discs reveal a pattern, mazes, aligning graphs, etc. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
  • [8868]
    Aliens are afoot. I managed to finish the first area, proceeding to the next.


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