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  • 9097
    On sale for 279 DKK.
  • 2018-11-11
  • 9292
    I played an hour of this cool action RPG, a little bit more than was in the demo. I find the gameplay very fun and entertaining, especially because the game constantly switches between scrolling shoot 'em up, dual joystick shooter, and 3rd person brawler with simultaneous shooting mechanics.
  • 9293
    I'm murdering all these robots that seem to have emotions. I'm assuming I'm actually the bad guy.
  • 9294
    I'm a bit disappointed with how unstable the frame rate is.
  • 2018-11-18
  • 9302
    In general, I like this game. I like what it's trying to do, a JRPG with fun combat, and the crazy shoot 'em up / dual joystick shooter elements. I like the world and its weird robotic inhabitants. I like the graphical style, although the game technically looks older than it is. I *really* like the skill equip system that is modelled as a memory map - it's very simple, but I love that metaphor, and that you can remove UI elements to squeeze one more skill in.
  • 9303
    However, I don't like the traversal at all, the levels are poorly designed, and the layout is confusing, which is not helped by a completely awful map, and confusing markers. And the unstable frame rate is frustrating. Also, I wish I didn't have to run around with a super stupid AI character, that constantly falls off ledges and teleports back. He's truly the Tails of this game.
  • 2018-12-10
  • 9349
    I defeated the Ruler of the Deep and got a scanning devices for my hovering robot thing.
  • 2019-02-28
  • 9436
    I'm seriously tired of this game. I just want to complete the story so I don't have to play it anymore.


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