Resident Evil Zero

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The 2002 prequel to the original 1996 Resident Evil was remade in 2016.
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  • 9225
    This is currently on sale for 52 DKK, and I'm enjoying the other remastered Resident Evil so much that I accidentally bought it.
  • 2018-11-04
  • 9256
    I started this up for the first time. On the surface it's similar to the 2002 remake, but with a lot of new ideas, such as the ability to switch between two characters at any point and have the A.I. control the other character. Also new is replacing the standard Resident Evil 'magic chests' with the ability to drop items anywhere and locate them on the map. The story and characters are as dumb as they normally are in this series, and come off even more silly in Matrix-inspired cutscenes, and other overly dramatic scenes.


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